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At Von Anna German Shepherds… We are a German Shepherd Breeder in the United States based in Atlanta Georgia near Cartersville Georgia. We pride ourselves on providing you with only the highest top Quality German Shepherd Puppies for sale. Our love and care goes into each and every German Shepherd Puppy that we help raise and bring into this world. It is our goal to provide you with a perfect companion from one of our litters. We strive to be the top German Shepherd Breeder in the country with our extremely high quality dogs, assuring you of a spectacularly beautiful and loving German Shepherd Puppy. While we raise spectacular show and breeding puppies, most of our puppies sold are for family pets and personal protection.
Von Anna German Shepherds provide Quality Bred Red & Black  German Shepherd Puppies in Atlanta Georgia and all over the United States. Our High Quality German Shepherds Breeding Males and Breeding Females are provided to Breeders throughout the United States because of exceptional pedigree.
Von Anna Purebred Show Quality Purebred Geman Shepherd Puppies For Sale Quality Red & Black German Shepherd Puppies For Sale
Von Anna Purebred Show Quality Purebred Geman Shepherd Puppies For Sale

German Shepherd Puppies for Wonderful Family Pets

Our Beautiful Black and Red German Shepherd Puppies are raised in-home with our children and grandchildren. They are wonderful, loving and gentle family pets, which is our largest market: People that want the Finest Purebred German Shepherd Dogs with spectacular pedigrees for their Family.

We are one of very few German Shepherd Breeders in the country who have adopted and practice the proven early puppy neural and social development program that encourages high aptitude puppies. Every one of our puppies gets loving socialization daily from birth and advanced development stimulation. As they grow, they are in the house with us with constant socialization, they visit childcare centers, schools, and nursing homes for further socialization and community service. We have acreage on a beautiful lake front setting where our dogs are free to run and enjoy life. Visit any other kennel and then come visit us. The happiness and loving nature of our dogs speaks for itself.

Butsch vom St. Michaels-berg IPO3 Butsch vom St. Michaels-berg IPO3
Playboy von Rapicar  IPO3 Playboy von Rapicar IPO3
Tim vom Fidelius  IPO3 Tim vom Fidelius IPO3

We boast multi-generation pedigrees of Champions that equal the very best in the country. We genetically select the sire and dam of each litter for the best possible litter. While we have a spectacularly well pedigreed male, we often search around the country for a German Shepherd male with the pedigree that will best serve our litter with a particular female.

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